Updated 6/01/10


Dr. Heatherly can assist your organization with:

Surveys & Assessments
Employee & Work Climate Surveys
360/Managerial Assessments
Workplace Safety/Security Audits
“Secret Shopper” Evaluations

Group Facilitation
Strategic Planning Sessions
Business Process Redesigns
Facilitated Team Decisions
Consensus Building

Project Management
Project Definition and Kick-off
Project Plan Development & Review
Milestone Reviews & Audits
Project Office Administration

Individual Development
Confidential Guidance
Mentoring Program Implementation

Policy Development/Review
HR/Personnel Policies
Performance Management Systems

There when you need him . . .

. . . and ONLY when you need him!

Emotions often run high among stakeholders who are engaged in major projects and key business initiatives. A project or milepost consultation with an independent third-party of Dr. Heatherly's competence, experience, and professionalism can be extremely beneficial -- especially when an unbiased facilitation, review, or assessment is needed to help identify, plan, influence, or confirm a critical course of action.

Doug firmly believes that the work of an organization should generally be done by its managers and employees, not by “hired guns.” A consultant is of greatest value to your enterprise when he or she is engaged:

1. To effect a rapid, permanent transfer of essential skills to key personnel.

2. To provide short-term advice or expertise that is not present among permanent staff members.

3. To make objective observations or coordinate activities as a neutral third-party (e.g., surveys and facilitated processes).

4. To supplement existing staff by performing one-time tasks requiring unique skills or experience.

5. To add long-term tangible value to an organization by developing or delivering a specific product or service.

Just Need the Tools and Processes?

Internal consultants searching for proven assessment tools, planning methodologies, worksheets, exercises, or other support materials often call upon Dr. Heatherly. He can license an array of proprietary products and approaches to your organization to help you conduct surveys, facilitate planning sessions, or lead team building activities. He can also provide guidance as needed by telephone or e-mail.

Doug Heatherly, Ph.D.   Doug@DHeatherly.com
Texas & New Mexico: P.O. Box 1990  San Benito, TX 78586  (956) 412-1131
Arizona, Nevada, & California: 848 N. Rainbow Blvd. Suite 594  Las Vegas, NV 89107  (702) 951-3472

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