Updated 6/01/10

Customized Training

Leadership - The Essential Element of Success

Individuals from every discipline and at every organizational level are being called upon to lead teams and manage work tasks. To succeed, these leaders must:

Plan, organize, and coordinate resources and activities
Develop and coach individual performance
Inspire and recognize employee commitment
Build teamwork and collaboration
Guide and influence change
Make timely, responsible decisions
Resolve resource conflicts and “people problems”
Address legal, ethical, and safety-related workplace issues
Listen and communicate effectively
Consistently produce desired results.

Learning Starts Here

The skills and competencies associated with the leadership tasks above CAN eventually be learned through trial and error - but in the process of learning, serious mistakes will be made, and these mistakes will almost certainly affect the organization in terms of output, effectiveness, efficiency, morale, trust, turnover, . . .

People in leadership roles don’t generally make mistakes because they’re indifferent to the organization, its customers, or its employees (although it often appears that way at times). Leaders make mistakes because they’re trying to figure out how to fulfill a very challenging and very noble obligation. Fortunately, they don’t NEED to reinvent the wheel to succeed in a leadership role. Proven processes already exist. Best practices have been established, documented, and successfully repeated. Highly effective leadership involves a set of learnable skills. And the learning starts here.

Leadership Development - Custom Tailored to Your Organization

Every course in the Leadership Skills™ program, and most materials in the Leadership Skills™ Library, can be customized to meet the leadership development needs of your organization.
Please contact us for more information.

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