Updated 6/01/10

e-Learning Options

Can’t Attend the Seminars? Can’t Afford Custom Training?


For ten years, Dr. Doug Heatherly’s Leadership Skills™ seminars have proven to be an effective, comprehensive, and affordable solution for developing crucial supervisory, managerial, and team leadership proficiencies. It was the perfect solution for many people, but for others . . .

Shift work, family commitments, travel, and other personal or professional obligations presented a genuine obstacle to traditional courses of study.

Smaller businesses often lacked the personnel and financial resources to send one or more of their supervisors and managers to off-site seminars.

Many firms were unable to fund leadership training for someone who was not yet in a formal leadership role, even when the individual had the desire and initiative to prepare for advancement.

Introducing Lighthouse for Leaders

Doug Heatherly has partnered with Humaneering, Inc. and the Performance Technology Group to create the Lighthouse for Leaders - a new “blended learning” option that combines independent study, on-demand web-based training, and optional public workshops to develop and reinforce essential leadership skills. The Lighthouse provides emerging leaders with full access to the knowledge, skills, tools, and materials offered in the highly acclaimed Leadership Skills™ programs - from virtually anywhere.

For more information, visit the Lighthouse for Leaders website.

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