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The Leadership Skills Mastery Program

The Leadership Skills™ Mastery Program is designed for people who have completed the Leadership Skills™ Certificate Program, applied those skills for at least one year, and are ready to take their leadership proficiency to the highest level. The Certificate program, with its “chart you own course” approach, develops proficiency in 52 specific areas of leadership competency. The Mastery program follows up with more in-depth and advanced training on the particular leadership challenges faced by the seminar participant.

The program consists of four full-day workshop style learning units, each designed to address key leadership skills.

Unit 1. The Best of Lighthouse for Leaders

This unit combines a brief review of the proficiencies and essential leadership tools outlined in the Leadership Skills™ Certificate Program, with selected highlights from Dr. Heatherly’s “Lighthouse for Leaders” radio broadcasts, and creates an entertaining introductory session. Within this context, specific leadership challenges faced by each participant are initially assessed. An advanced set of skills and techniques are identified and presented - then discussed and practiced in the following three units to address each challenge.

Unit 2. Advanced “People Skills”

This unit builds on the lessons, models, and techniques presented in the Leadership Skills™ Understanding Motivation & Behavior and Listening and Interaction Skills sessions. The focus of this session is on first understanding why people think, feel, and act as they do in the specific organizational settings and situations faced by participants. The participants then develop an advanced knowledge of their own motivations and behaviors, as well as the behaviors of others, to formulate and apply effective interaction skills, influencing techniques, communication strategies, and negotiating steps. The result is the skill to build better relationships and produce more productive, satisfying, and efficient results as a leader.

Unit 3. Progressive Performance Management

This unit builds on the lessons, models, and techniques presented in the Leadership Skills™ Developing and Coaching Employees and Handling Performance Problems sessions. Again, with each participant’s specific work setting and challenges in mind, extensive time is devoted to when and how to give positive and corrective feedback, when and how to conduct a supportive coaching or problem solving session, when and how to delegate properly, as well as when and how to establish mentoring relationships. Solutions to unique and specific performance and discipline problems are also discussed from both a management and a legal perspective.

Unit 4. Facilitating Teamwork

This module builds on lessons, models, and techniques presented in the the Leadership Skills™ Developing Teamwork and Collaboration and Facilitating Group Decisions sessions. It presents and discusses team building, teamwork, and group facilitation concepts as they apply to participants. The session also provides additional group facilitation methodologies and plenty of time to “test drive” specific facilitation skills and problem-solving techniques in a realistic team setting - so participants can comfortably and immediately apply the new skills on the job.

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