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Leadership Skills -- 3 Award Winning Ways to Develop Leaders at Every Level


The Leadership Skills™ Certificate Program is a complete leadership development curriculum that allows supervisors, managers, and team leaders to “chart their own course”that is, to build the training program they need by selecting specific courses from a catalog of 30 half-day modules. The program also includes an “open book” examination to verify and acknowledge existing skills and experience, and to confirm new skills.

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The Leadership Skills™ Mastery Program is an intensive 4-day workshop designed for people who have completed the Certificate Program, applied those skills for at least one year, and are ready to take their leadership proficiency to the highest level. The specific leadership challenges faced by each participant are initially assessed. An advanced set of skills and techniques are then chosen, presented, and practiced to address each challenge.

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Leadership Skills™ for Administrative Professionals utilizes the same basic models and skills as the Certificate Program. The objective of this training, however, is to present time mastery tools, project management methodologies, communication techniques, and “people skills” that can be readily applied by office support staff members (i.e., office managers, admin assistants, secretaries, etc.) to increase productivity and job satisfaction.

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Leadership Skills Program History

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